3rd Annual Joomlashack Charity Contest- Vote Now

NOTE: Voting on this contest closed on 1/4/2009. Want to support our 2009 charitable efforts? Read about our matching program!

Baby New YearSupport these five charities, but vote for just one!

Last month we asked our Joomlashack community to nominate their favorite charity for a $1,000 USD cash prize. Within 10 days, we had nominees from all corners of the globe and doing incredibly diverse work. Our team carefully reviewed every entry and then narrowed our list down to the five nominees below as our favorite five.

Please check out and then support each of these excellent and deserving organizations with an online contribution, and then vote for the charity that you think is most deserving of our $1,000 USD cash prize.

Voting ends Sunday, January 4th at 11:59pm EST

How to Vote

After reading about each of organization below, please consider a donation directly to them. Then visit our voting booth to vote for the one you would like to see receive a $1,000 USD donation from Joomlashack.

How to Vote

After reading about each of organization below, please consider a donation directly to them. Then visit our voting booth to vote for the one you would like to see receive a $1,000 USD donation from Joomlashack.

Global Conservation Assistance


We build networks & assist community-based organizationswith projects that integrate poverty reduction & ecosystem protection.

Founded in 2005, Global Conservation Assistance is an innovative organization of social entrepreneurs dedicated to sustaining our natural environments through poverty reduction. Their primary goal is to provide rural communities with the tools and skills to manage their natural resource base and build sustainable livelihoods.

The organization is driven by the scientific information that clearly shows the changes in our economic and ecological behavior needed to sustain life on earth, and a moral commitment to culture and nature that forges a bond between this and all future generations. Maintaining a diverse human environment is among our core values, and empowering women and youth is integral in all of our work.


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Joseph's House & Shelter

Joseph's HouseJoseph's House is a Troy community based not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to prevent and alleviate homelessness. Our programs offer emergency shelter, permanent housing, support services, hospitality and guidance to homeless individuals, youth and families.

Joseph’s House was born in 1982, in an effort to address the needs of Troy's increasing homeless community. Over 25 years later, the shelter has grown in size and services provided for the homeless community in Troy. The timeline below outlines key points in the shelter's history.

In recent years Joseph's House has moved well beyond the stereotyped emergency shelter image of 'two hots and a cot' into the holistic provision of a continuum of housing and shelter services designed to meet a variety of individual needs with dignity and respect. They continue to increase their commitment–both fiscally and philosophically–to providing ongoing support services to former guests–services which help break the cycle of homelessness and provide people environments where positive life-shaping change feels safe, desirable and possible.


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Project Rwanda

Project Rwanda Project Rwanda is committed to furthering the economic development of Rwanda through initiatives based on the bicycle as a tool and symbol of hope. Our goal is use the bike to help boost the Rwandan economy as well as re-brand Rwanda as a beautiful and safe place to do business and visit freely.

Project Rwanda was founded by Tom Ritchey after he visited Rwanda in 2005, out of his passion for cycling, a love of Rwanda’s natural beauty, and the inspiring stories of hope of the Rwandan people. Tom’s trip resulted in a realization that the bicycle can be an important tool in rebuilding a country, building national pride and addressing local issues facing Rwanda and other African nations.


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The Life Group LA

3rd Annual Joomlashack Charity Contest- Vote Now

The Life Group LA is a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so that they may make informed choices and decisions regarding their healthcare and personal well being.

Founded in 2005, The Life Group LA provides free of charge, much needed information and emotional support through medical forums, emotional support groups, and the POZ Life Weekend Seminar. All services are offered in a non-judgmental and safe environment with compassion and understanding.

Safety, respect and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our philosophy. In a time when the HIV epidemic has surpassed its 20th year and new HIV infections continue to occur on a daily basis, now more than ever we must continue the struggle against HIV/AIDS.


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Women in Touch

Women in Touch Ministries exists to help women reach beyond their circumstances by discovering strength through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Women In Touch (WIT) began as an outreach to local jail inmates in Belleville, FL and offers a wide range of programs and ministries to assist "any woman" through the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The WIT goal is to provide spiritually life-changing opportunities in assisting women to successfully restore and/or maintain their independent home as responsible citizens in our community. The Women In Touch Ministry includes a WIT Jail Ministry, WIT Jail Pen Pal Ministry, WIT Church Sunday School Class, WIT Transitional Home, a Department of Children & Family (DCF) Approved 9-Month Spiritual Rehabilitation Program, a follow-up weekly WIT Newsletter and a WIT Web Site.


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